Sedona House Weighted Shoulder and Neck Wrap

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  • SUPER SOFT FABRIC and COMFORTABLE TOUCH – The Sedona House Weighted Shoulder Wrap is made of 100% Premium Breathable micro mink fleece fabric, super soft minky fabric has a soothing feeling to the skin, not easily allergic.
  • IT MIGHT HELP PAIN RELIEF- Sedona House is the first one to develop this weighted wrap to help relieve our shoulder and necks pressure and pain, and according to more than 500 people’s test, 96% of the people found this helpful in relief of the tension and pressure and help us feel comfortable.
  • WITH A BONUS WEIGHTED SLEEPING MASK – This weighted shoulder wrap comes with a free weighted sleeping mask as a bonus, help you get asleep soon and comfortable.
  • SPA SERVICES ANYTIME and ANYWHERE – Whether you’re on a business trip, traveling, or working, you can always bring it with you for a spa experience. It can relieve your stress and tension, and help to relieve the pain of stiffness, inflammation, arthritis, cramps, and muscle fatigue. A convenient, easy to store weighted shoulder wrap is worth owning.
  • ENJOY CONVENIENT CLEANING- This weighted shoulder wrap is washable. You can choose dry cleaning, hand cleaning or machine cleaning. For machine washing, recommend you to use cold and gentle cleaning mode to reduce wear on the shoulder wrap.


Product description

Sedona House Weighted Shoulders Wrap
It must be hard to work with your shoulders and neck everyday? Take care
of your neck and shoulders! Sedona House puts out this weighted
shoulder wrap to help you relief your neck, shoulder, back and other aches and pains. It has the following advantages:

Super soft fabric and super stylish look
Sedona House’s fabric is super soft, using premium microminky material,
softer than normal fabric, so that you have a different soft experience.
In appearance, the design is more in line with the shoulder, which is
not easy to slide down and can be perfectly fixed in one position. This new styles will be a new trend.

Relief of stress, tension, muscle pain and stiffness
Sedona House Weighted Shoulder Wrap is perfect for relieving stress,
tension, stiffness, back, muscle pain, joint pain and other pains. In
addition, Sedona House Weighted Shoulder Wrap can give you a spa
experience anytime and anywhere, helping you calm down and focus.

Machine washable, very easy to clean
Sedona House Weighted Shoulder wrap can be machine washed. This soft
mink fabric provides you with a comfortable, easy to clean and
fast drying weighted shoulder wrap. Easy to clean, convenient to care, long service life.

After-sales service
We are willing to provide a pleasant shopping experience for customers. If
there is any problem with our products, we are willing to ship you a
new one for free or give you an unconditional refund within one year.

15 reviews for Sedona House Weighted Shoulder and Neck Wrap

  1. Ngoc Anh

    Perfect tool to relax. Easy to use and well made. Good price!

  2. Hayley J Stoddard-Wike

    I suffer from anxiety and tension related head and shoulder aches. Feeling like I have a hug over my shoulder is soothing.

  3. Steven Padin

    Great quality product! What I loved is the relaxing sensation given by the weight over my shoulders and the unexpected gift of a matching eye cover.

  4. Ashley

    It literally feels like a hug. I’m obsessed with it!

  5. Paulicia Jenkins

    I plan to purchase two more it really helps with soreness in shoulders

  6. Jenn Rasmussen

    It helps my night anxiety a lot! Comfortable, and relaxing

  7. Michelle Bates

    Great product I bought it for me has a friend who gets migraines

  8. Sarabeth Bjorndahl

    It’s too soon to say. I just got it today. It feels pretty good so far.

  9. Liangze Cui

    It is very soft and well-touching. I hope this weighted wrap can be more heavy.

  10. Brandon j Kustka

    I like it it could be a little more heavier

  11. Satchel

    This product has been fine so far. I’ve barely used it but it seems nice.

  12. Alma Karassavidis

    It feels very comfortable so far. Good quality. Only used it for one day but I’m pleased with the purchase

  13. Ivorina Kim

    Love the weight which helps my neck and shoulders relax.

    Wishing there’s a better way to clean it.

  14. Cody Carlson

    I love it. Everything about this is everything I wanted.

  15. Angela Y Smith

    Well, I’ve tried the blanket & I didnt like feeling pinned to the bed. This weight shoulder device is perfect…I m just looking for the moment to be relieved of the pressure on my shoulders.

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